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Prestige Music FL

Welcome to Prestige Music Center


Our company was established to provide quality music education to children and adults. Our staff is highly qualified to teach their areas of specialty and have years of experience as working musicians. We are friendly and care about your success whether you intend to be a professional or just play for fun. So start today!

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  • $250 monthly
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No need to worry about child care on days when there is no school. Bring your kids for a day of music and fun activities for only $25 per day!

 Customize your own program to meet your learning and financial needs

  1. Small group classes - starting from $20.00 (1 hour)
  2. One on Ones - starting from $28.25 (30 mins) (Call to find out about vocal package)
  3. Combo -  Design your own package including group classes and one on ones.                                                                               

Offering Guitar, Drums, Violin, Vocals, Trumpet, Sax, Piano, Bass, Flute.

Open every day. Call for an appointment with one of our professional staff to help you right fit your  learning goals.

Special Services

Special Services

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Instrument Rental

Sound Tracks

Student band instrument rentals

(violin, trumpet, sax, clarinet, etc)

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I specialize in a wide range of genres

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